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WHITETREE's circular manufacturing

Today, I would like to introduce our commitment to creating things.
what we can do
Commitment to sustainability. At each stage from the development of eco-friendly products, procurement of raw materials to disposal
We strive to create recycling-oriented products that consider the natural environment and social issues.
White Tree's management philosophy, "Cycle of Happiness," is the foundation of White Tree's activities.
From producers to consumers, we aim to create products that make everyone involved in the White Tree brand happy.
1) As a leading company
Awareness-raising activities at health promotion events and conferences. hospitals and doctors
In addition, at conferences related to health promotion with local people living in each area
We propose a lifestyle using natural herbs.
2) Creating a sustainable global environment
Reusing fallow land, creating temple farms. We have partnered with local farmers to create a recycling farm.
We will expand the cultivation of herb fields with high vitality as a method of reusing fallow land in Japan.