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"Wellness & beauty brand from Singapore"

A herbal tea formulated by a medical herbalist aiming to support the physical disorders and maintenance of modern people.
Recognized for its high quality, this tea brand is gaining attention in Southeast Asia, especially in Singapore, such as the Capella Hotel (5 stars), which became a hot topic as the venue for the US-North Korea Summit Meeting, and a partnership agreement with a major hospital in Singapore.
The effect is also recognized by doctors in Singapore, a medically advanced country, and the hospital provides 1,000 postpartum patients every month.
Since its establishment, it has been actively expanding globally, including Singapore, Southeast Asia, and Hawaii, and is currently sold in six countries around the world.
In 2019, the long-awaited Japanese branch was established.
Based on the concept of "CYCLE OF HAPPINESS", we started full-scale sales in Japan with the desire to spread the idea of ​​"creating time to reconnect with nature, people, society, and ourselves" to more people.