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About blends

WHITETREE's herbal teas are all made by Megumi, the representative who learned medical barbs.

As introduced in "About the Power of Herbs" and "History of Herbs", each herb has its own power.
flowers, stems, leaves, roots and seeds. By drying, it becomes a dry herb that packs the benefits of the plant tightly.
Dried herbs are more effective than fresh ones, and the extraction rate is highest when extracted with boiling hot water. It's a way.

What WHITETREE puts effort into to bring out the characteristics of herbs to the maximum is "blend".
Focusing on the feature that "it contains various ingredients and they exert synergistic effects", for example, for the purpose of "wanting to have beautiful skin", it comes from the viewpoint of nutrients such as vitamin C and the collapse of hormone balance. There are various ways to approach a single goal, such as balancing female hormones to deal with rough skin and physically reducing pores. Cover it all up with just one drink. The groundbreaking way is herbal tea.

WHITETREE's herbal tea consists of the power of each herb, the points that can be considered in terms of "improving problems", and the combination of herbalists Megumi, who has learned knowledge about herbs based on Japanese and British curricula. Synergistic effect Considering all of them, combining them in an exquisite ratio, it becomes a stuffed product.
WHITETREE's herbal tea is the creator's passion, the vitality of the plant, and the healing and support for the mind and body.