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Recommended way to drink

Health and beauty are demonstrated by continuing

The natural power of herbs is not something that is exhibited immediately after drinking. Unlike medicine, it speaks slowly and calmly to our body.

For example, when you drink warm herbal tea, you can feel temporary changes such as warming your body and relaxing. However, the important thing is to know your condition and slowly incorporate the power of nature where you are concerned. Replace your daily water with herbal tea and start drinking it every day. By the time you get into the habit of remembering to drink, herbs will become an essential part of your life.

The ideal is to consume 500ml to 1L of water per day with herbal tea.

In order to efficiently incorporate the power of herbs, the trick is to keep the herbal tea constantly circulating in the body. It is recommended to continue drinking 500ml to 1,000ml several times a day according to your water metabolism. Let's find your herbal tea time according to your lifestyle.


①Boil hot water ②Prepare a tumbler or pot ③Pour 500-750ml of hot water into one tea bag ④Leave for 5-8 minutes is also fine.
⑥If you want to drink it iced, let it cool down and put it in the refrigerator.

One point advice Dried herbs have the highest extraction rate when brewed with hot water at 100°C. We recommend that you always use boiling water.