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A story of herbs connected to harmonize the mind and body

After graduating from the design school Istituto Marangoni in Milan, a prestigious design school in Milan, Italy, he became interested in herbs when he fell ill while working hard as a designer.
Through the study of herbs, we regained the “time to face our own mind and body” that we had lost. I started making soaps and candles after feeling that I could support the poor condition.

After moving to Southeast Asia, he established a company in Singapore in 2014 in response to a strong request from a wellness consultant in Singapore.
Since then, we have been appointed as an official partner of major private hospitals in Singapore, including the Capella Hotel in Hawaii and the Kahala Hotel Raffles Hospital, which operates mainly in Asia, mainly for wellness products and prenatal and postnatal support products.
It continues to grow as a global brand that is popular in five countries around the world.