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"Management Philosophy"

『Create a circle of happiness』

"Creating a cycle of happiness"


There will be a lot of smiles in the world through WHITETREE's products.

“Through White Tree products, smiles are born all over the world.”

1. “Creator, Seller, Buyer”…we will make everybody who are engaged in our products, happy.
Makers, sellers, and buyers: the happiness of everyone involved in the product
2. A cup of tea will always be 100% comprised of organic ingredients and well considered in terms of environmental preservation.
All ingredients contained in one cup must be pesticide-free ingredients considering environmental conservation.
3. We will only use fair trade products, without any abusive child labor.
Handle fair trade products without forced child labor
4. We will not be in denial of unhealthy things, but only would like to recommend healthy things positively.
Instead of denying what is bad for your body, promote what is good for your body in a positive way.
5. We will always consider earth's environment and spread a eco/health conscious culture.
Thinking about the global environment and spreading an eco- and health-conscious culture
6. We will only do things that we believe is right to our people and societies.
Do only what you believe is good for people and society
7. We will be a brand which grows with each and every one of our customers.
To be a brand that grows together with the lives of each and every customer
8. We, ourselves, will always try to be happy.
being happy yourself